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ATLAS Presents New Top Physics Results
[September 2015]

This week, physicists from around the world are gathering at the Top 2015 workshop in Ischia, Italy to discuss the latest measurements of the top quark. As the heaviest known fundamental particle, the top quark plays a special role in the search for "new physics". In results presented at Top 2015, the ATLAS collaboration combed through their high-precision Run 1 LHC data to see if the top quark is behaving as predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.

Shedding New Light on the Higgs
[September 2015]

Today, at the Large Hadron Collider Physics conference (LHCP2015), the ATLAS and CMS collaborations presented the most precise measurements yet of Higgs boson properties. By combining Run 1 data from both experiments, the new measurements paint a clear picture of how the Higgs boson is produced, decays, and interacts with other particles.

Q&A with EPS Outreach Award-Winner Kate Shaw
[August 2015]

ATLAS Outreach Co-coordinator Kate Shaw has been awarded the 2015 European Physical Society (EPS) Outreach prize "for her contributions to the International Masterclasses and for her pioneering role in bringing them to countries with no strong tradition in particle physics".

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